Frequently Asked Questions

1-Is a prescription required for homeopathic medicine?

Ans: All these medicines are over the counter medicines and no prescription is necessary for them, although  treatment under a Homeopathic physician is always recommended.

2-Are Homeopathic Medicine Safe?

Ans: Yes, medicines are generally considered safe for consumption in recommended therapeutic doses.

3-Where i can get Homeopathic Medicines?

Ans: You can a purchase them online either through the website.

4-What if you miss a dose?

Ans:If you miss a dose don't repeat or increase the dose.Just take it normally on the next dosage time.

5-What are dilution and mother tincture?

Ans: Mother Tinctures are drug alcoholic extract generally having 1 gram in 10ml of the tincture from the herbs, animal or mineral sources as per pharmacopoeia fixed formulations.Dilutions are single remedies used in classical homeopathy. Dilutions are potentised preparations prepared from Mother Tinctures.

6-How can i know which medicines are right for you?

Dr Shazia is providing free consultation or you may see the all information of homeopathic medicines which are categorized under the headings like Digestive, Cough etc.Once the category is opened, it shows the Product with the Description.

7-Can the same medicine be taken by adult and kids both?

Ans. Yes, but the dosage needs to be altered as per the age, if the indicated problem is same.

8-What are biochemics or schusselr's salts?

Ans. Biochemics or Schussler's salts are the 12 tissue salts which are used in multiple problems and helps to strengthen the various body systems and organs.Their combinations specific to different diseases are also available.

9-What if kids accidentally ingest more medicines?

Ans. No need to panic, just give a strong cup of coffee and lots of fluids. Watch for any unwanted symptoms and if any seen, report to a homoeopathic physician.

10-What is the difference between single remedies and specialty products?

Ans. Single remedies of homoeopathy like dilutions, mother tinctures etc can be used for multiple problems based on the individualistic symptoms, while speciality products are specially designed for particular problems.

11-What is the difference between Homeopathy and Ayurveda Medicines?

Ans. Ayurveda is thousands of year old health system from India.Homoeopathy was invented by Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann from germany. The Homoeopathic system is based on micro-dilutions in form of remedies which are used to cure various diseases.

12-What precaution should i take while taking Homeopathic Medicine?

Ans.There are not much precautions required while taking homoeopathic medicines but it is better to take the medicines on empty stomach with some water,if in liquid form while the tablets can be swallowed with water or dissolved in mouth.

13-There are other Homeopathic companies in the markets,what is the difference between each other?

Ans.Although there are many products available from different companies available in the market, Schwabe is one of the companies which first bought GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) to the German Homoeopathic market in 1997.With strict air quality control, extra neutral alcohol, original herbs,authentic sources of herbs and Hahnemannian methods of preparation with strict compliance to German Pharmacopoeia makes Schwabe's product way ahead than the competition.Locals medicines are also best and action is same.

14-Advice for critical medical problem?

Ans: Please understand that as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are not allowed to prescribe medicines for the medical problems needing physician's consultation. We suggest that you should consult your homoeopath for these products, who will be in the right position to formulate the treatment plan and managing measures after the case taking, examination, etc.

15-In how many days to ship the order?

The order will be shipped within 5-7 working days subject to the availability of the product.

16-Does all medicines ship outside the Pakistan?

We are sorry that at present we sell only in Pakistan. Alternately, you may place the order providing your relatives/friends address as shipping address within Pakistan, which can be forwarded to you by them.We are sorry that at present we sell only in Pakistan. Alternately, you may place the order providing your relatives/friends address as shipping address within Pakistan, which can be forwarded to you by them. Please note that all the shipping and forwarding  formalities should be done by the customer. Customers are advised to go through the checklist and necessary requirements with courier, customs, etc. before placing the order. is not liable for any issues related to that. Goods once sold will not be taken back in case of difficulties arising from such issues.