Fever & General

Fever is a protective mechanism. Any foreign body entering the blood will be immediately recognized by the immune system. One way for the immune system to react is by causing fever. This prevents the foreign body from flourishing as they cannot survive the high temperature. Fever is the most common sign of illness in children. These days many parents are ill informed about fever or become very anxious when it occurs.

We must remember that fever is a defense mechanism that helps your child fight infection. Bringing the temperature down by using anti-pyretics such as Paracetamol (Panadol, Tempra, Dymadon, Tylenol) acts against nature and will confuse the immune system. Often the fever is suppressed but the illness lasts longer. In the future the immune system may not be able to identify and react in the same way. Giving anti-pyretic reduces the anxiety of the parent but is not necessarily the best option for the child. Studies have been shown that Aspirin and Neurofen can be dangerous for little ones with fever and are not recommended.

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