First Aid Medicines

Homeopathic First Aid Medicines

The following medicines are the most commonly used medicines to treat people in first aid situations. First Aid Remedies I usually suggest these be kept in 30C strength and in pellet form for stability as you are not using them all the time.

Aconite: is a good remedy when chills, fevers, coughs, croup etc. come with a rapid onset. Also a great remedy for mental/emotional fright or shock after bad news, or an accident.

Apis: Can be used for various types of swelling and inflammation caused by animal or insect bites and stings.

Arnica: It is basically for any physical shock or trauma. Give first in any accident or injury, for bruises, bumps and bangs. Use in ointment where the skin is unbroken, if broken use Calendula or Hypercal. Never to be used on open wounds. Also works well for nosebleed. Arnica promotes rapid healing of damaged tissues; helps control bleeding and reduce pain. It can be taken before and after dental extractions and any other surgery. It has antithrombotic properties and can be taken before lengthy airplane flights to help prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Antimonium Crudum: Works very good for sunstrokes – heat strokes. A very good summer remedy.

Arsenicum: One of the leading remedies for diarrhea, especially from food poisoning and flu. It is a perfect remedy to relieve “upset tummy” from unfamiliar foods.

Calcarea Carb.: for slow difficult teething in children.

Carbo Veg.: is a No. 1 Remedy for resuscitation. It is also called the "Homoeopathic corpse reviver". This remedy has saved many lives. Symptoms at their most extreme are complete state of collapse due to oxygen starvation. Body is cold, pale or blue.

Calendula: It is nature’s own natural antibiotic and also stops bleeding very well. Use in an ointment form for open wounds, cuts, sores, burns, and similar injuries. Helps relieve infection.

Cantharis: For burns, particularly ones that blister.

Chamomila: A favorite child’s remedy particularly for ear ache and teething.

China: for dehydration. Complaints often arise after loss of fluids / severe dehydration (e.g. after fever or diarrhea).

Cocculus: For sea sickness and travel sickness.

Colocynth: For colic, tummy aches, diarrhea.

Hepar Sulphuricum: For sore throats, or loss of voice.

Hypericum: Have great anti-tetanus properties. For injuries to parts with high nerve fibres such as the mouth, tongue, fingers, etc. Great for the "caught the finger in the car door" or any other "crush" injuries. I also use it for paper cuts, it closes them up immediately.

Ignatia: It is one of the most useful remedies for "emotional first aid", and works wonders for any emotional upsets, shocks, and traumas.

Kali Bichromicum: Excellent remedy for colds and sinusitis.

Ledum: is a very good remedy for puncture wounds and black eyes. It also can be used to treat deep wounds and bites from both animals and insects. This remedy also has anti-tetanus properties.

Magnesium Phos: Known as the Homoeopathic aspirin. Very effective If crushed in warm water and sipped. Is useful for neuralgia of the face, cramping or shooting pains, relieves headaches, toothaches, earaches and especially menstrual pain.

Nux Vomica: For indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and hangover headaches. It is a major remedy for first aid situations, especially those affecting the digestive system. Can also be taken for travel sickness.

Silicea: is a very good remedy for forcing foreign bodies like splinters, thorns, glass, etc., out of the body. Do not use if you have anything artificial in your body like a new hip joint, pace maker, grommets, implants, metal pins, etc. as it may cause rejection.

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